[RELEASE] Super Seisyun Brothers -Chapter 4


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We’re back with another release with our new project, Super Seisyun Brothers! If you were waiting for this to come out, you don’t have to wait any longer! Hope you enjoyed reading~


If this isn’t the project you wanted updated or you want Super Seisyun brothers to be released faster, feel free to apply! We’re hiring everything except Korean translators ^^ Check the recruitment page for more!


[RELEASE] Perfect Classroom – Chapter 3


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We are back again with Chapter 3 of Perfect Classroom! All the students in He Jo’s class get their test results back. What happens next? Find out by reading it 😉

Were you waiting for another project to be released? If you want faster releases, why not join us? No experience is necessary. We provide training for people who are interested but have never done scanlation before. 😀 Check out the recruit page for more!

[RELEASE] I Want To Eat Your Pancreas – Chapter 1 (DROPPING)


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“WHy iS tHeRe aNotHer cHapTer 1?”
“eHh? waSn’t cHapter 1 uPloaDed aLrEaDY?!”
“twO cHapter 1s??!?1/!?!??!/!/!/!/kjtebhn wk4ij”

We are fully aware that another group (Nekyou) has picked up this project. We planned to pick up this project as well, but it seems that we were too slow as Nekyou released it first. Since our staff were already halfway into the project, I just decided that we would release what we have (chapter 1) and then drop it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, I Want To Eat Your Pancreas is a truly beautiful read. There’s a light novel and a live action movie out, so if your interested you should check those out as well! 😛

Happy (re) reading!


[RELEASE?] Hajimete No Gal – Special Chapter


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This isn’t exactly a release from Soda Scans, but since two of our lovely staff (Glasses-Kun and Kuu) were the ones working on it, why not just promote it? (even though most of you probably came because of Glasses-Kun’s blog)  ^^ Thank Glasses-Kun and Kuu if you see them around for their hard work on this chapter ~!

This chapter contains Yame playing dress up, and she Looks Really Cute. If that doesn’t get you to read, I don’t know what will 😛 Happy reading!