[RELEASE] A Bitch and A Punk – Chapter 4


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Hello again, everyone! We’re back with another release! This time, we are releasing “A Bitch And A Punk”, which is another joint project with Mystic Scanlations! Thank you so much Mystic for translating it for us ~ [we (aka Coke) lovs u xoxo]
Do make sure to check out Mystic’s projects as well, That Summer and Unlucky Mansion! They’re two very good webtoons and Mystic always releases translations really fast so you’ll never have to wait for long ^^

Now, let’s get to the chapter! Fighting, Ignoring, the regular ~~~school drama~~~ stuff. Eunook takes 3948543085098 years (and ongoing) to figure out what to text to Soyeon after their little quarrel. (spoiler! eunook was very salty about the fact that soyeon called him a gangster) But I can’t spoil the rest, so read it for yourself, hehehe. Enjoy!


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