[RELEASE] A Bitch And A Punk – Chapter 5


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2 releases in one day?? Woo! Go me (coke)!
After spending countless days GRINDING to clean and typeset this, I finally have chapter 5 out for you guys.

Our boy Han Shi-a (finally) sends a text message to Soyeon. How does she respond? That day is also Deokgu’s birthday and he confronts Seulgi about what he witnessed the day before. How does their confrontation turn out? You’ll never know if you don’t read it!

If you want A Bitch and a Punk or any of your favourite comics from us to come out faster, please do consider joining our group! We are always looking for editors and translators and now we are looking for proofreaders as well. Check out the recruitment page for more!

See ya until the next release!


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