Unfortunately, we had to push back one project to next week, but we bring you a whole first chapter of one of our newest series, plus another new series! 

We have released the first half of chapter 1 for Bye Bye Jinrui (Bye Bye Humanity), one of our new series!


We will be getting the next half up in not too long. The first chapter is about 60 pages and takes a lot of time to QC, so we appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy part 1! 

We have also released chapter 1 of Itaewon Class! 

You can read this HERE!


We really need Typesetters, Korean Translators, Cleaners, and Editors! Please stop by our recruitment page to learn more! Even if you’re a beginner, we welcome you to try and learn.
Please like, share, and comment to support our group and the amazing people who worked so hard to bring you these new chapters! 

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