Hello everyone, we have finally gotten our own website, thanks to Mai and Ash from Psycho Play. ❤

With that being said, we are no longer going to be using the wordpress site any longer.


Check out the new site HERE

Hope to see you there!


Special Announcement

Unmei No Chance scans is doing a special 24 hour scannathon event. They are challenging their skills and team work by attempting to fully scanlate 2 volumes of manga in 24 hours.

Come watch them (livestream link will be provided in the discord channel) on their event day- December 15 at 7PM EST to December 16 6:59PM EST.

A couple of our members who are also part of their group are joining in as well!

Warning: the two manga that were voted for scanlations are 18+ BL (Yaoi) manga so please be wary of this if you decide to watch the streams. We would love to see you guys there!

[Released] SSB Chapter 5!

Hello everyone!

Today we bring you chapter 5 of Super Seishun Brothers, or termed SSB by our group!



Please give this a few hours to upload onto Batoto:


Our team for this chapter features:

– Maji (translator)

– Prokkirin and Floss (proofreaders)

– Keima (our cleaner and typesetter)

and a new addition to our group, Minsaan, who did QC along with Maji.

Thanks to our great team for their hard work! Please enjoy and don’t forget to spread the word!

-Soda Scans with SSB team


General Update

Hey everyone! Even though we haven’t released this past week, we’re still working hard at Soda!

Currently, we’ve got a few projects in QC and one that’s finishing up TS. 

Sometimes our translators get a little sleepy when they stay up working. It’s quite easy to forget names (especially if it’s a new project!)

Sometimes mistakes can even get into the TS.

Maji, our JTL and Admin, thought it was hilarious. 

Seishun Occult Teen! is coming along nicely.

Feel free to drop by our discord and chat!



Please click the recruitment page to find out how to apply. If you have samples, we’d love to see them! 


One of our new murder series, Karada Sagashi, affectionately called KS by the team, is continuing the series from chapter 3! Our translator, Maji, has already done up to chapter ten, so look forward to more! 

In Karada Sagashi, or Body Search in English, you must collect all the pieces of your friends body and avoid seeing the Red Person or you will die. 

(This may take time) READ HERE

We’re still looking for more volunteer typesetters and Korean translators to help us out! Check out our recruitment page for more info. 

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Unfortunately, we had to push back one project to next week, but we bring you a whole first chapter of one of our newest series, plus another new series! 

We have released the first half of chapter 1 for Bye Bye Jinrui (Bye Bye Humanity), one of our new series!


We will be getting the next half up in not too long. The first chapter is about 60 pages and takes a lot of time to QC, so we appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy part 1! 

We have also released chapter 1 of Itaewon Class! 

You can read this HERE!


We really need Typesetters, Korean Translators, Cleaners, and Editors! Please stop by our recruitment page to learn more! Even if you’re a beginner, we welcome you to try and learn.
Please like, share, and comment to support our group and the amazing people who worked so hard to bring you these new chapters! 

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New Releases in ~48 hours!

Kinkakuji today ^

So, have you figured out which two series we’ll be releasing a chapter for? If not, you’ll know in about 48 hours!

Both are a bit dark, but quite interesting! Both also have a bit of blood and mystery to them. 

We hope that helps a little! 

Stay tuned for more information! 

If you’re interested in joining our team, we are in great need of typesetters and Korean translators! Please take a look at the recruitment page for more information. If you still have questions, feel free to email us as well! 

Ginkakuji today ^

(Photos courtesy of our Japanese TL and admin, Maji)