[RELEASE] A Bitch And A Punk – Chapter 5


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2 releases in one day?? Woo! Go me (coke)!
After spending countless days GRINDING to clean and typeset this, I finally have chapter 5 out for you guys.

Our boy Han Shi-a (finally) sends a text message to Soyeon. How does she respond? That day is also Deokgu’s birthday and he confronts Seulgi about what he witnessed the day before. How does their confrontation turn out? You’ll never know if you don’t read it!

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See ya until the next release!

[RELEASE] Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun – Chapter 1


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aaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we have another new release: Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun!
This manga revolves around our soccer god Aoyama, a germaphobe. Since he has germaphobia, he has also developed a title for himself – a clean freak. He not much a freak, however. He’s admired by like….. everyone at his school and a lot of people focus on him because of his soccer skills.

If you’ve seen the anime, you should read the manga as well! (or vice versa lol) it’s a nice funny and lighthearted read/watch.

Aah, recruitment. We’re always hiring! we really need more people to join our group so we can get releases out faster. Please do check out the recruitment page for more!

[RELEASE] Perfect Classroom – Prologue


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Hello again, everyone! We are back with a new project. The project we are releasing today is Perfect Classroom – a horror/thriller/mystery webtoon. The prologue doesn’t have that much action to it, but it sets the whole creepy/~mysterious~ vibe to it. If you’re into stuff like this, this is the perfect webtoon for you!

And you’re probably thinking – that’s it? Our staff is pretty busy and there aren’t that many of us so we’re trying to get releases out as soon as possible. If you want releases to come out faster, do consider applying! Check out the recruitment page for more details.

[RELEASE] Seishun Occult Teen! – Chapters 31-33



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Hey y’all!! We are back again with another release (that’s not a joint project woot woot)! 3 releases in 3 days?! Amazing! Thank you to Momorin and Kaori, our beloved staff members, for their hard work!!

Seishun Occult Teen is a cute little 4-koma with ~~ ghosts ~~ involved, it’s a very fun manga to read so please do check it out if you have a couple of minutes to spare!

In these chapters, Daidai and Jun meet a girl named Machida Machi. What exactly does she want from them? What is she going to do? You’re gonna have to check it out to find out 😉 Enjoy these chapters!! ❤

[RELEASE] A Bitch and A Punk – Chapter 4


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Hello again, everyone! We’re back with another release! This time, we are releasing “A Bitch And A Punk”, which is another joint project with Mystic Scanlations! Thank you so much Mystic for translating it for us ~ [we (aka Coke) lovs u xoxo]
Do make sure to check out Mystic’s projects as well, That Summer and Unlucky Mansion! They’re two very good webtoons and Mystic always releases translations really fast so you’ll never have to wait for long ^^

Now, let’s get to the chapter! Fighting, Ignoring, the regular ~~~school drama~~~ stuff. Eunook takes 3948543085098 years (and ongoing) to figure out what to text to Soyeon after their little quarrel. (spoiler! eunook was very salty about the fact that soyeon called him a gangster) But I can’t spoil the rest, so read it for yourself, hehehe. Enjoy!

[RELEASE] Mary Stayed Out All Night – Chapter 38

The next couple of posts will be reposts of projects we’ve already released. 


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Behold, our first release! We will be picking up Mary Stayed Out All Night with Misty Rain Scans as a Joint project! Misty Rain Scans is currently having their 4th year anniversary releases in these next couple of days, so be sure to check out their website to find lots of interesting reads!

If you loved the drama, you’ll definitely love the manhwa! Although the drama and the manhwa are very different, they’re both unique in their own ways.

Now sit back, relax, and keep up with Mary and Moogyul as they begin their honeymoon adventures!


First Post

Hello everyone! Welcome to Soda Scans. I’ve decided to switch to wordpress as the main site since it’s easier to use on all devices whereas tumblr only really worked on desktops. I will still be updating both sites though!! This blog will just be the main one. ^^