New Releases Soon!

^ Some Japanese autumn leaves in Maji’s town. 

Hello everyone! 

At the end of this week we’ll be releasing 2 more chapters from 2 more series!

One starts with a “B” and the other a “K”. Can you guess which series they’ll be? 

Look forward to it! 

^ a recent picture of Mt. Fuji from a trip Maji went on. 


[Release] New Series- Haruchika! 

Haruchika – Chapter 1 (The Overture of Youth)

High school students Kamijou Haruta and Homura Chika are members of a wind instrument club that is on the verge of being shut down. The two are childhood friends and they spend their days practicing hard, while also trying to recruit new members. When a certain incident happens within their school, they work together to solve it.

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Part 2 of our Spooky Halloween release. 

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[RELEASE] Super Seisyun Brothers -Chapter 4


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We’re back with another release with our new project, Super Seisyun Brothers! If you were waiting for this to come out, you don’t have to wait any longer! Hope you enjoyed reading~


If this isn’t the project you wanted updated or you want Super Seisyun brothers to be released faster, feel free to apply! We’re hiring everything except Korean translators ^^ Check the recruitment page for more!