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Hello! I’m Coke, the lone admin and founder of the group! I really enjoy reading manga/manhua/manhwa, so I decided to make this group so we can release more good reads for everyone to enjoy! I hope you all enjoy our releases. I don’t really know what 2 say about myself Because I Don’t Know Anything About Myself but do hit me up anywhere if you’d like to chat ^^


Japanese Translators
Just a geek with a strange fascination for fictional gay couples.

Uzbar Zibil Tarag
Complete anime and manga obsessed vampire

I’m Azure. I love doing translations and have dabbled in manga scanlations and drama translations. I’ve also done minor novel translations years ago that isn’t really worth mentioning… The only thing I haven’t done is anime! (I’m not sure why myself…) When I’m not translating I like to play games (love otome games and general action and adventure and RPGs), writing stories or drawing. I’ve also taken up naginata training under a dojo! I love to meet people and talk as well 🙂 I hope to get along with everyone! Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Korean Translators
Hello, this is Narrator78 here. I am a casual gamer, who also enjoys watching anime and reading manga. Connecting with others who also love these mediums that I deeply cherish and chatting with them is cool. I am also a freelance translator who translates chapters that have been forgotten by official manga websites. I blog and occasionally upload my translated projects on my blog.


Hi! I am The Dark_Ninja. I love to watch anime and read manga. I love to play video games too. Some of my favorites are Final Fantasy, Yu Gi Oh, Tenchu, etc. I mostly listen to anime music. I work as a typesetter (but I’m also an editor, hehe) and it’s a pleasure for me to do it ’cause I enjoy it. You can talk to me if you want but that is unless you find me. 😛
Fave Quote: “What is left of me is nothing but my corrupted soul…”

I’m a university student working as an undergraduate research assistant which is quite stressful. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga in order to release stress, so in order to give back to the community, I learned how to become an Editor. I mainly do typesetting, but I also have experience with cleaning and some in re-drawing (I’m terrible at it though). I have no preference when it comes to manga, I absolutely love them all!

Newbie at scanlations. Please bear with me.